Ballroom boring? Latin lame? Ha! Let WuBDA prove you otherwise with a personalized dance workshop! In approximately 1-1.5 hour(s) we introduce you to the exciting world of couple dance, by teaching you how to dance 1-2 dances of choice to all kinds of music! Do you prefer jumping and kicking of the Jive, the aggression and passion of the Tango or the elegance and grace of the English Waltz? WuBDA is there to provide a unique and musical experience for everyone: student (sport) association, friend/flat mate groups, company outings and just about anyone who wants to get involved in dance! 

We also offer our experience to theatre/orchestra/musical groups in need of dancers to add just that little extra glamour to your performance. To other dance associations we offer a workshop in ‘deconstructing music and the musicality of dance’ explaining on how to connect the music to your movement in a fun and creative way! 

Book a workshop by sending an email to incl. date/time indication, groups size and dance request. We are happy to provide any advice 😊


Ballroom*: English Waltz, Viennese Waltz, Tango, Quickstep
Latin: Chacha, Rumba, Jive
Workshops: Deconstructing music and the musicality of dance
Performance: Theatre/musical/orchestra and choreographed dance routines

* Dances are dependent on the group size and the available space at the location  

Group size (persons) Price/hour (€)
1-40 40
40-80 60
80-100 80
100 > 100


If you decide to cancel your booking up to two weeks in advance there will be no cancellation fee. If you cancel after this period we charge half of the costs.

Included/ provided by WuDBA: music playlist, boxes/music installation
Excluded/own responsibility: location


  • Workshops for association/group bonding 
  • Workshops for student galas 
  • Theatre plays: Getekend/Marked, De Onzetting 


Do you have to subscribe in couples? 

No, anyone can be a leader or a follower. You can even switch it up half way through the dance, which makes the experience even more fun! During the workshop you will rotate partners to ensure that everyone gets a chance to dance.  

What clothing should I wear?
Something airy or sportswear! Couple dances may sometimes look effortless and easy breezy, but it can be a real workout. For shoes, we advice something you can walk and dance comfortability in and that allows you make quick foot movements  

When are you available to give workshops/performances?
Just about always! However, we do recommend booking at least a month in advance for workshops and two months in advance for performances. 

I have booked a location outside of Wageningen. Do I have to pay the travel costs of the dance teacher and assistant(s)? 

Within reason (approx. within 10 km of Wageningen), WuDBA pays for the transport of the teachers and assistants. This matter can be discussed by announcing it in the booking email.