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Rock turn

Tango Tutorial progressive link

This video explains the progressive like. Watch and practice this video from 0:00 till 3:36. That is what we normally cover in our classes.


Closed promenade


Tango Figure 5 step by Lucas and Andrea

The 5 step is a basic figure in the Tango. This figure is not too hard, but maybe not for first-time Tango dancers. We normally cover this figure in beginners classes 7 & 8.


The advanced (formerly intermediate) Tango Routine by Andriy and Helena

Wall A: Progressive side step, Natural rock turn, 2 steps, Basic reverse turn, 2 steps, Progressive link, Natural promenade turn

Wall B: Closed promenade, 2 steps, Progressive side sep reverse turn, basic way of achieving promenade position, open promenade, back corte.

Wall C: 2 steps, Open reverse turn follower on the outside, 2 steps, Open reverse turn follower on the inside.

Wall D: Rock on the left foot (leader), Rock on the right foot (leader), Back corte, 2 steps into promenade position, Natural promenade turn to natural rock turn.

promenade position


Tango video on posture and poise

An important message to take from this lecture is that a good posture doesn’t come from stretching (alone). It comes from contracting the muscles from the opposite side. So, making a hollow back does not come from stretching your chest muscles, but from contracting the back muscles.


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