Tutorials Slow Waltz


Basics of the Slow Waltz by Eline Drost

Eline will give you a short introduction into the Slow waltz.

Afterwards she will show the basic steps.

Dancing around the floor with the Natural turn by Eline Drost

The video below explains most of the figures thought during the beginners classes by Egils Smagris.


Slow Waltz basic actions by Vasiliy Kirin

A 30 minutes lesson with basic exercises for body position, footwork, driving and body actions by Vasily Kirin.

Throwaway Oversway by Paolo Bosco & Silvia Pitton

In this lecture, Paolo and Silvia will share basic information about Throwaway Oversway in a room size setting.

​Slow Waltz, body action, rotation and swing by Vasiliy Kirin

Exercises to improve your body action, rotation and swing action.

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