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Introduction to Samba (& Slow Waltz) by Eline Drost

In the video below Eline will introduce you to the Samba and Slow Waltz.

Information on the Samba by Eline Drost

Next Eline is going to give a little more information on the Samba itself.

Samba part1, basics

Eline will walk you through the basics for both leaders and followers.

Samba part2, the wisk

practice video, followed by a demonstration from Eline Drost

Samba part3, Samba walks & side Samba walks

In this video, Eline will explain how you start moving around the floor in the Samba with the Samba walks and side Samba walks.

Samba part4, the turn

In this video Eline will explain how you do the turn in the Samba. You can use this turn to get out of the Samba walks back to the wisk again.


Follow up for the basics in the Samba by Eline Drost

This video is a good follow-up if you mastered the basic steps and rhythm of the Samba.


Samba figures (whisk & Samba walks)

Samba figures (whisk & Samba walks) with the technique explained.

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