Helena Donner

Hello everyone,
I am Helena, and together with Lucas I teach the beginners and beginners+ classes on Tuesdays. I started dancing at AmsterDance, the student dance association of Amsterdam, during my studies. When I started my PhD in Wageningen in 2018, I joined WuBDA, and have been a member ever since. I still follow the Expert classes given by Klaudyna as a lead, and I also join the Advanced classes as an extra lead. I also give beginner dance workshops to other student associations.
My favourite dances are currently the Rumba and the Tango. I really enjoy giving dance classes, and I like seeing new people discover how much fun it is to dance. I believe that dance classes should be a nice mix of fun and technique, so you can have a good time dancing with your classmates, but also lead and/or follow other WuBDA members and dancers at social events, and if you are interested, join competitions such as the Dutch and European Tournaments for Dancing Students (NTDS and ETDS), which are great fun.


Lucas Hulsman

Hello! I am Lucas, and I am one of the teachers for WuBDA’s beginners and beginners+ courses! Prior to teaching, I have only given basic workshops, and assisted at the beginners level, so teaching a full class is quite a step up. Hence, I’m delighted to share this journey with Helena!

I started dancing in 2018 at WuBDA, and have been a member and dancer ever since! I now dance at Expert as a lead, and have slowly been brushing up on my follow skills. I love the Latin dances that have a high degree of expression (so, all of them?), especially paso doble and jive.

In teaching, I love seeing students connect with each other and make friendships, especially during tournaments like NTDSes. It’s the social connections that make dancing much more fun. Furthermore, I like focussing on fundamental techniques and concepts that allow dancers of all levels to look and feel better while dancing!


Klaudyna Borewicz

Our teacher of Intermediate, Advanced and Expert is Klaudyna. Klaudyna has started studying ballet, ballroom and Latin dance about 20 years ago in Poland and then in MN, USA. She has a diverse dance experience, including performing in ballet theater productions and taking part in dance shows and competitions. In 2005 her passion for dancing turned into a part time profession when she started teaching ballet and partner dancing to students of all ages at the local dance schools. Klaudyna especially enjoys the dancesport aspect of ballroom dancing, where dance couples can enter tournaments and compete against each other in different age and skill level categories and are judged on technical aspects, musicality, partnering, athletic and aesthetic skills by a panel of adjudicators. Klaudyna also enjoys the social side of ballroom dancing and encourages her students to participate in social national and international student competitions, trainings and dance events. Klaudyna was one of the WUR students who in 2014 started the WuBDA club, and the dance classes that she now teaches on Wednesdays evenings are for students who already have some ballroom and Latin dance experience and who want to improve their technique and learn dance routines that are based on IDTA syllabus.