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Here you can find the links to all the trial lessons for period 2. The current Corona measures apply for the first few weeks of period 2. We might dance in pairs again in the second half of period 2.

The all classes, beginner’s, intermediate and advanced, classes are on location but we must maintain 1.5 meter distance for at least the first few weeks of period 2, so these will be solo classes. We could dance in pairs again if the corona measures are scaled-down again like they were in period 1, this is hopefully the case in the second half of period 2.

Well, one thing is for sure, we continue with dancing someway or another. The trial lessons are still free of charge, so join one if you feel like it.

After the trial lessons are over (27 & 28 Oktober and 3 & 4 November) you can only come to our classes if you are a member and registered for a course.

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