Trial lessons

Subscription for trials are opened!!


The trial lessons are the first lessons of every period. So the next trial lesson is at the start of the next period. That is dancing period 5, which start the same time as Academic period 6. The next trial lessons are on the 10th of May (for beginners) and 11th of May (for other levels).


It is mandatory to sign up. Either only for the trial lesson, already as a member and for the full course, or with the package deal for the whole year. Sign up below.

Take a look at our dance schedule (click here) for more information on when and where we dance.

On this page you can sign-up for the trial lessons.  To continue dancing after the trial lessons you need to sign up for Membership and the course to continue.

If you have any questions, go to the FAQ, send an email to or contact us on our social media.

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