Trial lessons

Trial lessons

So you want to try out ballroom dancing? Great!! You are at the right spot.

Every period, the first lessons are trial lessons to see if dancing is something for you. After that, hopefully, you sign up for real. To follow the lessons, it is mandatory to sign up.

The next trial lessons will take place on 21 and 22 of March

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Take a look at our dance schedule for more information on when and where we dance.

For any questions, go to the FAQ, send an email to or contact us on our social media.

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Interest list

If you want to dance later this year or the trial lessons are already full, you can join the interest list. This way, we can keep you up to date about trial lessons. All people from the AID and the first period are removed after 2 November. So, you have to resubscribe to be on the interest list for period 3.