Package deal

The Package deal is a subscription including membership and all dance courses for a year at a discount. This discount is only beneficial at the start of the academic year. For that reason is it not possible to sign up for a package deal. You can sign up for Membership and take Courses each individual academic period.

The package deal is for everyone that’s sure they want to dance the entire year at WuBDA.

The package deal combines Membership (€25) and Courses for an entire year (5x €15). Normally this would cost €100, but now it’s only €90.

You still need to get Sports rights at the Bongerd, read the privacy statement (privacy verklaring) and you need to make sure you are eligible for Membership.

When you take the package deal you automatically become a member. To stop your membership you need to contact the board(mail: before the end of August (The new academic period starts on 1 September). If you do not unsubscribe before the end of August you continue your membership and you need to transfer the Membership costs (25 euros/year) to WuBDA again.

Taking the package deal has a few advantages:

  • You get a €10 discount
  • You don’t need to resubscribe each period & transfer the course fee each period
  • It makes the job of Treasurer much easier.

The package deal fee is €90 per year.

If you have any questions, you can consult the FAQ or send an e-mail to