Subscriptions for dance period 5 (academic period 6) are now open. Sign up and pay at the end of this page. Subscriptions for trials are not yet open but an interest list can be found on the trial page. If you are new to WuBDA, do not forget to sign up as a member. You also need to be a member to join our courses

Pay attention: Joining the beginners the lessons of the last period can be very challenging if you have not followed the other courses. However, you can see if you can keep up by joining the trial lesson.


The classes are divided into four levels, beginners, intermediate, advanced and expert.

Unsure what level you’re at? Click here to see what we expect from each level.

We teach different dances each period, see the table below for more information.


There is a maximum amount of members that could join a course:

Beginners: 40 people, Intermediate: 16 people, Advanced 20 people, Expert: 20 people

We work with courses of 8 weeks which run parallel with the periods of Wageningen University (period 3 and 4 combined). This makes a total of 5 dance courses each year.


Times and locations

Our locations are:

Beginners: Sports Hall De Vlinder, Hall 2
Address: Hollandseweg 7, 6706 KN Wageningen

Intermediate: Sports Hall De Vlinder, Hall 2
Address: Hollandseweg 7, 6706 KN Wageningen

Advanced & Expert: Sports Hall De Bongerd, Hall 3
Address: Bornsesteeg 2, 6708 PE Wageningen

The technique lessons and the free dancing hours are included in your membership and are in de Vlinder


Pay attention: you can only subscribe to courses if you have a valid WuBDA membership and sports rights from The Bongerd.

If you have any questions, you can consult the FAQ or send an e-mail to

Free trials

Click here for the free Trial lessons

Following multiple levels

This period you can follow multiple levels! You have to sign up and pay for each level that you follow. There are some do’s and dont’s. Have a look at the level page for more information!

Subscription and Payment

Here you can subscribe and pay for your course. Fill in the payment form and you can pay immediately.

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