Becoming a benefactor is perfect for everyone that is not allowed to become a regular member.

As a benefactor you:

  • Can join all other activities.
  • Can join the WuBDA team in the NTDS & ETDS dance competitions.
  • Can join our dance parties.
  • Get the members mail.
  • Get special access to the Website like any other member where you can:
    • Buy Merch.
    • See pictures of classes and other WuBDA activities.
    • See all the ins and outs in the WuBDA blog.

Benefactorship is almost the same as membership except you can’t take courses or go to our free dance training hours.

Becoming benefactor only costs €20 a year (expires at the end of the academic year). If you want to support WuBDA more you can transfer more than €20.

So, it’s cheaper than membership and you don’t need Sports rights to become a benefactor.

You can transfer the benefactor fee to:

Wageningen Ballroom Dance

NL16INGB 0007 357 279
Mention ”your name + Benefactor” in the comment section.

(E.g. Mark de Haas + benefactor)

If you have any questions, go to the FAQ or send an email to