Subscribing and Costs

Before you can enjoy everything WuBDA has to offer you first need to subscribe.

If you want to dance with WuBDA you you will have to pay Sports rights at The Bongerd, Membership to WuBDA and the Courses you want to dance.

Membership: Becoming a member of WuBDA allows you to subscribe for dance courses at WuBDA, join all our activities and more.
€ 25 from September to Augustus. € 12.50 from February to Augustus.

Courses: Dance courses for WuBDA members. € 15

Package deal: A combination of membership and courses of a year into one package with a discount! € 90, this  saves you €10 🙂 (but is only a discount if you decide to dance the whole year from September to August)

Benefactors: For if you are ineligible for membership and still want to join our parties and activities. €25

Make sure you read our privacy statement (privacy verklaring) before subscribing.

Sports rights: you need to get sports rights before you can participate in any of the sports The Bongerd offers, including dancing with WuBDA.

If you have any further questions, you can consult the FAQ or send an e-mail to