DressMe Clothing

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DressMe Clothing is for supplying, printing and embroidering all types of textiles. All textiles can be provided with transfer printing, screen printing or full-colour printing. DressMe embroiders the board clothing, and prints most of the merchandise we make. In exchange for the advertising on the site, we get a discount on the embroidery and printing.

Improve Physiotherapy

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Matthijs Klaassen is the physiotherapist and personal trainer of Improve Physiotherapy. Matthijs completed the Thim van der Laan Physiotherapy. In addition, he followed the courses Sport and Exercise and Overload Worldwide.

Matthijs has a lot of affinity with different sports, and has extensive experience as a physiotherapist and trainer.

Matthijs offers WuBDA members a Special deal. In exchange for advertising him, every member gets a screening. So, if you have a physio complaint you can go to him once for free and he can look at your complaint and see if certain exercises can help. Of course, he hopes that you will come back to him if the screening and the exercises are not enough.