Flash Dance


Flash Dance is a store specialized in all your dance needs. They sell dance clothing, shoes and accessories. WuBDA has a partnership with Flash Dance, in exchange for promoting their store get our members a 10% discount on all their purchases. When you visit their store in Utrecht you need to mention  you’re from WuBDA to get the discount. To get the discount in the webshop you need to make use of a discount code when paying. Please note that this code is only for our member, it can be found in THIS blog post that only members can access.

DressMe Clothing

logo DressMe

DressMe Clothing is for supplying, printing and embroidering all types of textiles. All textiles can be provided with transfer printing, screen printing or full-colour printing. DressMe embroiders the board clothing, and prints most of the merchandise we make. In exchange for the advertising on the site/social media, WuBDA members can get a discount off services at Dress me (read below), WuBDA gets a commission percentage back when making use of their services.

Members of WuBDA can get a 10% discount off services offered by DressMe when showing their WUR card and if the service is related to WuBDA. This is excluding any WuBDA merchandise and this discount cannot be combined with other discounts.

A nice example of this would be if you want a print or embroidering on a dress used for dancing.

Improve Physiotherapy

logo Improve physio

Matthijs Klaassen is the physiotherapist and personal trainer of Improve Physiotherapy. Matthijs completed the Thim van der Laan Physiotherapy. In addition, he followed the courses Sport and Exercise and Overload Worldwide.

Matthijs has a lot of affinity with different sports and has extensive experience as a physiotherapist and trainer.

Matthijs offers WuBDA members a Special deal. In exchange for WuBDA promoting him, every member gets a free screening. So, if you have any physio complaint you can go to him once for free. He can look at your complaint and see if certain exercises can help. Of course, he hopes that you will come back to him if the screening and the exercises are not enough.

You can arrange a screening with Matthijs by sending a WhatsApp or SMS to +31 (0) 683658350


Knaek is an organization that offers discounts to over 1000 stores and webshops! They offer discount in stores here in Wageningen as well.

Knaek sponsors us with Knaek cards that we distribute to our members. Member can use the cards to get discounts at stores or webshops, but the committees will also utilize them to get discounts when organizing a trip/activity somewhere. This way we can organize fun activities for an even lower price!

About the cards

To make full use of Knaek you need to download the app. The card contains a code with which you can activate a Knaek account. The Knaek-app offers daily, weekly and monthly discounts.