Privacy Statement (EN)

Privacy statement Wageningen Ballroom Dance Association

WuBDA appreciates the privacy of her members and will therefore inform you about her activities and protection concerning your provided data. It involves personal data of current members, old members and visitors of our website, We will do whatever we can to ensure protection of your data and we will handle them with care. Also we will limit data usage to the means and functioning of our association.

Which data will be used
Current members:

  • First name and surname
  • Email address
  • Registration number at WUR
  • Barcode of your WUR-card
  • Your subscription, level and class-attendance
  • Cellphone number (if permission is given by member)
  • Photos and videos (if no objection is made by member)

Old members:

  • First name and surname
  • Email address
  • Cellphone number

Visitors of our website: no data will be stored when you visit our website

What will the data be used for
Current members:

  • Your name will be used to regulate your subscription. WuBDA also wants to be able to approach and inform you personally about activities and dance courses within the association. Together with your name and subscription we are able to give you access to our lessons and activities.
  • Email addresses will be used to inform our members about future changes and activities within our association. This will include announcements of general members meetings (GGMs), dinners and movie-nights.
  • Registration number and barcode number of the WUR-card will be used to check if members possess sportrights at sport centre ‘De Bongerd’. As an official student sport association at SWU Thymos we are obliged to possess these sportrights in order to make use of the facilities at ‘De Bongerd’. Your name and subscription at WuBDA will therefore also be shared with SWU Thymos.
  • Your subscription will determine if you are allowed to participate in activities and/or in classes within the association.
  • Your level/course will determine in which classes you are allowed to partake.
  • Your attendance will be used to measure popularity of courses and activities.
  • The data of subscription, course and attendance all together allow us to analyse WuBDA’s members count. This gives proper insight in WuBDA’s expansion and cash flow.
  • Cellphone number will be used as an addition for contact between the board and member of interest if necessary. Also we enable members to contact each other via social media like Whatsapp in an Whatsapp group. This is only possible when the member of interest gives permission to be added to this group.
  • Photos and videos may be taken during activities and classes. These photos and videos may be spread to promote our association via the website, posters or facebook. These may also be used as personal teaching materials to improve the member’s own dancing. WuBDA assumes that pictures can be used freely unless the member in question notifies otherwise.

Old members:

  • Data will only be used to inform you about the association. This will be ended on request.

Visitors of the website:

  • Not applicable

Social media & website
WuBDA uses her website and Facebook as means to spread information about the association and activities to her members and others of interest. The website and facebook will also be used for promoting the association. This may be done via text, photos and videos. The board will carefully select these photos, videos and texts. May it occur that despite our efforts an unwanted image of you is used, then you can object towards the board. This can be done by mailing the board, . The unwanted image(s) will be removed or edited as soon as possible thereafter.

The current board is responsible for saving and protecting your data. All data will be stored and saved on the associations Google Drive account. The data will only be accessible to the current board with exception of the email addresses. The Activities Committee (AC) will also have access to the email addresses of current members in order to inform them about upcoming activities within the association. The board will inform you and ask permission, when future or temporary exceptions on these rules occur.

Use of personal data by third parties
No personal data will be provided to third parties besides the information (Registration and barcode number WUR) we provide to SWU Thymos or any images put on the website or Facebook.

Usage of cookies
WuBDA does not make use of cookies while providing her services via the website.

Your rights concerning your data
You remain the right to see, change or remove the data we received from you. This can be done by sending us an email, 

WuBDA retains the rights to make amendments/changes within the privacy policy. Every member will be informed through email when such an amendment/change occurs. Members retain the right to object to these amendments/changes.

Do you still have questions or comments after reading this document? Or do you see any possible flaws? Then contact WuBDA, Bornsesteeg 2, 6708 PE at Wageningen or send an email: