The NTDS (Dutch Tournament for Dancing Students) and ETDS (European Tournament for Dancing Students) are both dance competitions organized by and for students.

Thanks to our xTDS is there a WuBDA team going to these competitions.

What can I expect?

Good question! NTDS and ETDS are events that take place during an entire weekend. During the day you can compete in the Latin and/or ballroom competition, and during the evening there will be time for free dancing and getting to know other dancers during the theme parties.

There are multiple levels in which you can compete:

Beginners: for people who have less than a year of dancing experience

Breitensport: for people that have been dancing for over a year, but don’t have a lot of competition experience

Open Class: for dancers that often dance in competitions, or that were ranked 1st/2nd/3rd during the last few NTDS/ETDS.

You dance these competitions with the partner that you have signed up with, or with a partner that you meet during the blind-date evening on the NTDS or ETDS itself. That’s right! You don’t have to have a partner to sign up. (Signing up with a partner from another association is also possible, let us know if you want to do that).

Practical information

NTDS and ETDS are really popular events which means that there are a limited amount of places for people to go. After you sign up with the form, we as team-captains, will sign you up for the raffle, and let you know when you have a place on the list!

See the event page for all upcoming NTDS or ETDS competitions.

Visit the committee page for more information on the xTDS.

For more information on the Events itself go to the official NTDS or ETDS websites

We’re looking forward to build Team Wageningen! Let’s make it a great weekend! Lekker swingen, Wageningen!!