Welcome to the merchandise page. Take a look at what we have to offer.

WuBDA Jackets

The WuBDA Jackets is the first competition clothing we have! A orange and black design with our logo and the WUR logo. The are sold for 20 euros a piece. They are available in 4 unisex sizes: S, M, L and XL.




WuBDA socks

The WuBDA socks feature the logo at the top and have a pattern with dancers and beets. The dancers are the ones inside our logo, and the cartoonish beet refers to our mascot, the beet. So now you can really step on the beat! The size is one size fits all (appropriately size 38 to 47).

The socks will cost 6.00 euro’s a pair.


The WuBDA sweater

The WuBDA sweater is a nice comfortable piece of clothing that keeps you warm when it gets colder. It has the WuBDA logo (backside) and the university logo (front) printed on it.

The sweaters are out of stock right now. If enough members show interest (approximately 10-15 members) in buying sweaters we might be able to order new ones.

We can order the sweaters in the sizes: S, M, L, XL.

The price will be appropriately 25 euro per sweater.

Fill in this form to show interest:


WuBDA Dopper (Not enough interest)

Next to the socks was a dopper very popular with our members. If enough people like to have one we can order them. It’s an orange dopper with the WuBDA logo and the test Wageningen Ballroom Dance Association at the top.

WuBDA needs to order them in bulk. We need to receive over 30 orders before we can order the doppers for the affordable price of € 10 to 12,- per dopper.

If you would like to get one please fill in the form below:

Not enough interest in this product, so sign-up has been shut down.

Knaek card

We arranged 50 Knaek cards for our members. First come first served.

About Knaek

Knaek is an organization that offers discounts to over 1000 stores and even more online stores! They offer discount in stores here in Wageningen. You can get discounts in stores like Domino’s, Subway, de Blauwe Kamer, Pathé and much more. But also online stores like Thuisbezorgd, and Mediamarkt.

About the cards

The card offers you some standard discounts, e.g. a second drink for free at Doppio Espresso. But to make full use of knaek you need to download the app. The card contains a code with which you can activate a Knaek account. The Knaek-app offers daily, weekly and monthly discounts.

Committees like the Activity Committee or Event Committee will probably try to make use of the discounts when planning an activity.

Fill in the form below to claim one of the 50 Knaek cards.

The mug (Sold Out)

perfect for your coffee or thee in the morning! Does the design look a little weird? Maybe that’s because it still has the old logo on it. Yes, it’s a real piece of history.
There are only a few left, so be quick.

Price: € 5,-

Transfer the money to: NL16 INGB 0007 3572 79 with the name Wageningen Ballroom Dance.

type [your name] mug in the comment.

e.g. Mark de Haas Mug

Sorry, the mugs are sold out. We probably won’t resupply these mugs any time soon unless there is a great amount of amino for them