How to become a member

By sending an email to you can become a member of our association. When you are a member you can join the free dance evenings, you can subscribe for courses and you have a voting right during the General Members Meetings. You are also free to join any non-class-related activities, like dinners and movienights.

If you want to follow classes every week and you are a member, you can subscribe individually or with a (dance)partner for one of the  beginners courses or for an intermediate or advanced course (all with a duration of 8 weeks). To subscribe, you send an email to mentioning your name and the course you want to join or fill in the form on the website.

Make sure that you have read and understand our privacy statement.

Since we are a student sport association, all our members must have sport rights at Sport centre ‘De Bongerd’. These rights can be bought online or at the counter of the sports centre de Bongerd. With sport rights you can become a member of WuBDA, but you can also use the facilities of the sports centre and participate in other sports.

The costs
What will such a membership and dance course cost you?
Fixed costs:
Membership WuBDA (year): €20,-                      (WuBDA activities and free dance practice)
Sport rights de Bongerd (year): €95,-                 (prerequisite for any student sport association)

Extra costs per followed 8-week course: €20,-

You can transfer the money for the membership and/or the course to:
Wageningen Ballroom Dance
NL16INGB 0007 357 279
Mention your name + course in the comment section.