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Lustrum Activity Information

When: June 21st 2021.
Event description: The academic year 2021-2022 is our first lustrum year! We will organize amazing lustrum activities all year. But first, we will announce the theme of the lustrum before the year starts! We made an amazing theme reveal movie that you can watch online right now! CLICK HERE
When: November 8th (Monday Lustrum week).
Included in a Package?: Yes, all.
Movie: Lord of the Rings/ Hobbit
Clothing suggestion: Not a must, but it would be nice if you could wear something medieval-like.
Event Description: Grab your travellers cape and get yourself into an unexpected journey to the Shire. Celebrate with us the 5th Birthday of Beetbo Baggins and enjoy one of the greatest parties middle earth has ever seen. Enjoy the food from middle earth as well as a lot of middle earth themed games. Learn to dance like a hobbit and just enjoy yourself while celebrating with Beetbo and all his friends. Sponsor: Patisserie Limburgia sponsors us with food & pies for this activity.
When: November 11th (Thursday Lustrum week)
Included in a Package?: Yes, Academy & Academy+.
Movie: Sherlock Holmes
Event description: Sign up and test your knowledge in teams about the world of cinema. Your actions might determine the course of the evening… Drinks, snacks and location will be arranged. Afterwards, there is an opportunity to have drinks in the city center.
When: November 12th (Friday Lustrum week)
Included in a Package?: Yes, all.
Movie: Romantic Comedies (Romcoms)
Event description: In order to end the millennia long debate, who is better, leads or follows, we are going to compete and end this war once and for all!
When: November 13th (Saturday Lustrum week)
Included in a Package?: Yes, Academy & Academy+ (one ticket for yourself and 2 tickets for family or friends)
Movie: Going to the Oscars
Event description: The Family is a whole day filled with activities that you and your family can join. We will arrange the lunch, activities and we will have a dance workshop so your parents and siblings can learn the basics of dancing. We finish the day with a drink.
When: April 21st
Included in a Package?: Yes, Academy & Academy+
Movie: Movie Musicals
Event description: Do you like to sing your hard out to movie musicals? Come to the Musical Beer cantus! You can enjoy the whole evening from your favourite songs, from Glee to High School Musical to Disney, and enjoy plenty of beers that only make you sing better!
We start the evening with a dinner at our sponsor Ambacht. Derk Joosten founded Ambacht in 2017. He puts his affinity with food preparation to good use when preparing chips, homemade bakery croquettes and snacks in a traditional manner, and they want to show how good that tastes. They provide the first 25 participants with a dinner including fries and a snack(hamburger/chicken burger or vegan croquette).
When: May 10th
Included in a Package?: No.
Movie: Night at the Museum
Event description: Previous members and current members come together this day and discuss how WuBDA has changed and grown over the years. This event consists out of a dinner, followed by a social dance with plenty of opportunities to chat, drink and dance.
When: May 15th
Included in a Package?: Yes, all.
Movie: Army movies
Event description: You improve your dance skills a lot during this Military movie themed event. Professional dancers will give a dance class the entire afternoon to improve their dancing. The event includes a lunch, the Bootcamp and refreshments during the Bootcamp. Sponsor: Patisserie Limburgia sponsors us for this event.
When: Postponed
Included in a Package?: No.
Movie: The Hunger Games.
Event description: Committee vs committee. The committee member work very hard to make our association fun and vibrate. But who is the best committee? may the odds be ever in your favour! The event is free for committee members, only committee members can join.
When: June 17th
Included in a Package?: Yes, all.
Theme: The Roaring Twenties - The Rise of Hollywood
Event description: The Gala is every year a fantastic event. Everyone dances in their best suit or dress in the prettiest hall! Next to the WuBDA member you know and love, there will also be other dancers from all over the Netherlands, including our sister and brother associations members. The Gala is one of the must be events of the year. For more information go to the GALA PAGE
When: 3-6 July
Included in a Package?: Yes, Academy+
Movie: TBD
Event description: The very first WuBDA vacation! From 3 to 6 July (3 nights) we are going on a vacation. The VakanCie will organize transport, accommodation, food, a trip way and a fully packed schedule.
When: TBD
Included in a Package?: No, but the Almanac it self is included in each package, you can pick it up during the event, at a later time this year, or chose to mail it to you (transport costs are yours)
Movie: TBD
Event description: The almanac is an amazing book that combines all the great things WuBDA did in the last 5 years! It's our first almanac and it captures the full history of our association. On the evening itself we will reveal the almanac for the first time and immediately pick one up, scroll through the pages with your WuBDA buddies and ask for their autograph. The rest of the evening is filled with dancing and plenty of drinks for you to enjoy. The almanac is included in most of the packages, so you get one for sure if you take a package. You can still order one if you don't want to buy a package on the Almanac Page by CLICKING HERE