Lustrum almanac

On this page, you can order the Lustrum almanac.

The almanac is a small book of 82 pages revolving around WuBDA and dancing. The almanac contains articles from (previous) members on dancing, activities and everything that has to do with WuBDA.

The almanac contains pieces from sister associations, pictures from even this academic year and other interesting content. Ordering it is still worth it even if you just join WuBDA this year!

The Almanac team, consisting of Andrea, Elke & Mark, is worked very hard to design an almanac including the best pictures from the previous 5 WuBDA years together with texts from members, other student dance associations & committees. The almanac will be something you can look back to in the coming years and remind you of all the fun you had with WuBDA.

The price of the almanac will be around 7-7,50 euros a piece.

The almanac will be reveal at the end of the year party on the 1th of July. This activity will be a collaboration with the Activity committee. There will be food, drinks, music and of course the almanak. Keep an eye on the Event page for more information.

You can also let the Almanak be delivered (and a small transport fee) or pick it up at a Almanac Committee members house, or at one of the classes.

The Almanak has been reveal!

Did you order one and want to pick it up? or you haven’t ordered one but still want to claim one?

Text Mark de Haas +31 6 5115 0463