First Time Dancers

No you don't. We have a beginners class where you learn the basics of all our dances. Each half year you can join a beginners course. Do you want to sign up? Click here! Not sure yet? See this page for our trial classes, or mail to board@wubda.nl
Yes of course. We have trial classes at the start of the Academic year (September), and after the Winter AID at the start of academic period 4.
No, you do not need dance shoes to join our classes. Most beginners dance on socks. After a while, you might want to invest in a pair of dance shoes as many people find it better to dance on them, but you don’t have to. Dance shoes are only necessary if you want to join an NTDS or ETDS
There’s no particular dress code. However, we recommend wearing something light and breezy as dancing can get quite intense.
It is not necessary to join with a partner. You can usually find someone to dance with and if there is a shortage of followers or leaders, there’s often an experienced member who likes to help out when needed. It is very rare that you cannot find a partner.
WuBDA offers Latin and Ballroom classes. Here you have the entire list with some example videos:
Ballroom: Slow Waltz, Tango, Quick step, Viennese Waltz, Slow foxtrot.
Latin: Cha Cha, Rumba, Jive, Samba, Paso Doble
You can click on each dance to see a little video featuring the dance. The beginners will start with the Slow Waltz, Tango, Quick step, Cha cha cha, Rumba and Jive. The other dances are teached at higher levels.

Membership & Courses

No, you need to be a member to join WuBDA dance courses. Keep in mind membership also allows you to join all dance parties, drinks, dinners and social activities that year. Click here to see what we have planned.
Membership: 25 euros/year.
Courses: 40 euros/half year.
For more information go here.
You don't need to pay anything for the trial lessons. But when you decide to become a member and join a course you need to pay.
No, you can pay via the subscription form here: member If you have any questions or this sign up does not work for you, contact our treasurer: treasurer@wubda.nl
No, we don’t do refunds. The course fee is very low compared to normal dance schools, and it is a lot of administrative work, so we don’t do refunds when you miss a class.
Currently we don't have a package deal. You can sign up for courses here
Yes, all PhD students can become a WuBDA member.
Unfortunately, no. employees of the WUR are not allowed to join student sports associations.
Yes you need sports rights for the entire year. WuBDA is a student sport association which means we are connected to Thymos, the sports organisation for student sport associations in Wageningen. Sports rights are mandatory and this rule holds for every student sports association.
  • Enables you to subscribe for dance courses
  • You can join all our events like social activities, dance parties, drinks, dinners and more.
  • Access to all the members content
If you are not eligible for a membership but still want to be part or WuBDA you can become a benefactor. Benefactorship has many benefits, such as all activities and members content You are basically a member, but you can't join any courses. Everyone can become a benefactor, you don't have to be a student. Becoming benefactor is perfect for everyone who wants to keep in touch with WuBDA after finishing their studies or if one of your friends would like to join the activities but doesn't want to dance with us.
No, your membership ends at the end of the academic year. If you want to become member again you need so sign up for membership (and courses) at the start of the academic year. You can sign up here.
Your contribution is from the moment you paid until the upcoming August 31. So, If you join in December, your contribution only counts towards the 31st of August, not until December again. Everyone needs to pay contribution again in September. If you decide to join in second half year you only need to pay half the contribution.

Dance Classes

You can always join a beginners. course.
intermediate. is for people with at least 1 year of dancing experience.
advanced. is for people with approximately 2 years of dancing experience.
expert. is for people with 3 or more years of dancing experience.
For more information take a look at the levels page. Join our trial classes. in the beginning of the year to find the level that fits you best
For the times and locations of our classes, take a look at the schedule on the Course page.
The beginners class covers the Cha Cha, Quickstep, Tango, Jive, Slow Waltz and Rumba. The intermediate class adds the Viennese Waltz and Samba. Advanced adds the Slow Fox and Paso Doble. The experts class adds no new dances.
The website provides tutorials, showing what we learned during class. We organize free dancing hours and social dances where you can practice your skills. Social dances will appear in the events the Course page!

Free Dancing

Classes : a teacher is present and teaches you how to dance. Free dancing dance music is playing, but no teacher is actively teaching.
Check our Calendar for more information.
All members and benefactors can join freedancing for free.
Yes, you can! We would love to see integration between the levels.
If you are a member or benefactor of WuBDA there are no additional cost. If you are not, there is a fee of 3 euros.

Relevant for Members

After you subscribe as a member and pay the membership fee, you get added in the WuBDA members WhatsApp group. There, you can find the password to access the hidden content in the discription of the group. Hidden content is only accessible for members and benefactors.
The NTDS and ETDS are student dance competitions. These competitions have different catogories which allows everyone to join.  
First of all, you get a newsletter once a month with all the important updates of that month. Furthermore there is a WhatsApp group 'WuBDA members' with all members. Especially activities and urgent information about lessons is shared there. Finally, attending the GMM is a good way to get informed about developments within the association. If you have any other questions contact the board via: board@wubda.nl.
Yes, we have a Facebook page and an Instagram profile. We post content like pictures taken during classes and events, videos of shows, event dates and more.  


The Committee Page gives extensive information on each committee. In short:
Activity Committee: organizes a small activities such as drinks, dinners and parties.
Event Committee: organizes a few (bigger) events each year.
Gala Committee: organizes the annual WuBDA gala.
Showcie: organizes shows and dance projects.
xTDS: ensures WuBDA is represented well at the NTDS and ETDS.
VakanCie: organizes trips outside of Wageningen and WuBDA holidays.
Lustrum Committee: organizes activities during a lustrum year.
Most are free for members and benefactors, but some are paid, usually less than 5 euros. Bigger events (gala’s, fancy dinners, etc.) might cost more money.
Yes of course you can! For more information about the committees, you should go to the committee page. Here you can find what a committee does, who is in it and the contact information of each committee. If you are interested, you can either contact the committee or the board. Then they will see if there is space for a new committee member (often there is ;). You are welcome to mail/WhatsApp them or to ask them about the committee during classes and activities.