First Time Dancers

No you don't. We have a beginners class where you learn the basics of all our dances. Each academic period we start with a new dance, so you can join the classes each period. Yes each period you can start. See this page for our Trial classes, or mail to wageningendance@gmail.com
Yes of course. The first 3 lessons of academic period 1 are trial lessons. Every period that follows the first 2 lessons are trial lessons.
No, you do not need dance shoes to join our classes. You can dance on socks or inside shoes (no black soles). Most beginners dance on socks. After a while, you might want to invest in a pair of dance shoes as many people find it better to dance on them, but you don’t have to. Dance shoes are only necessary if you want to join an NTDS or ETDS
There’s no particular dress code. However, we recommend wearing something light and breezy as dancing can get quite intense.
It is not necessary to join with a partner. You can usually find someone to dance with and if there is a shortage of followers or leaders, there’s always an older member who likes to help out when needed. It is very rare that you cannot find a partner
WuBDA offers Latin and Ballroom classes. We made a little Trailer showing some of the dances we teach. Here you have the entire list:
Ballroom: Slow Waltz, Tango, Quick step, Vienna Waltz, Slow foxtrot.
Latin: Cha cha cha, Rumba, Jive, Samba, Paso dobble
You can click on each dance to see a little video featuring the dance. The beginners will start with the Slow Waltz, Tango, Quick step, Cha cha cha, Rumba and Jive. The other dances are for later levels

Membership & Courses

No, you need to be a member to join WuBDA dance courses. You always need a membership (only 20 euros a year) whether you join 1 course or 5 courses. Don't forget membership also allows you to join all dance parties, drinks, dinners and social activities that year. check here to see what we have planned.
Membership: 20 euros/year.
Courses: 15 euros/course.
We have divided the academic year into 5 periods of 8 weeks each. So dancing an entire year costs 95 euros/year, but the package deal can offer you a discount. For more information go here.
You don't need to pay anything for the trail lessons. But when you decide to take membership and join a course you need to pay within 2 weeks.
No, you can transfer the money to the WuBDA bank account. Please transfer the money to NL16 INGB 0007 3572 79. Please mention your name, what your are paying for, and for which period (e.g. Name, Beginners p1).
No, we don’t do refunds. The course fee is very low compared to normal dance schools, and it is a lot of administrational work, so we don’t do refunds.
The package deal is a combination of membership and 5 courses. We divided the academic year into 5 courses. So by taking the package deal you subscribe for an entire year of dance classes. Why would you take the package deal?
  • money. If you subscribe for a membership (20 euros/year) and the 5 courses separately (15 euros/course) it would bring you to a total of 95 euros. The package deal is 85 euros/year.
  • you don't need to sign-up for courses before each period because you signed-up for an entire year.
Yes. Please send an email to wageningendance@gmail.com for your registration if you do not have a WBA number.
Unfortunately, no. Teachers of the WUR are not allowed to join student sports associations. (click here for more information on who may join ssa’s).
Yes. WuBDA is a student sport association which means we fall under Thymos, the sports organisation for student sport associations in Wageningen. Sports rights are mandatory and this rule holds for every student sports association.
If you are not eligible for a membership but still want to be part or WuBDA you can become a benefactor. Benefactors can:
    • Join all our events (like drinks, dinners, social activities and dance parties).
You can join the WuBDA NTDS/ETDS team. You are basically a member, but you can't join any courses nor the training hour. But everyone can become a benefactor. You don't have to be a student. Becoming benefactor is perfect for everyone who wants to keep in touch with WuBDA after finishing their studies or if one of your friends would like to join the activities but doesn't want to dance with us.
yes, once you subscribed for membership (or take the package deal) you stay a member until you unsubscribe. If you haven't unsubscribed before the end of Augustus then you stay a member for another academic year and pay the 20 euros contribution for that year.
Your contribution is from the moment you paid until the upcoming August 31. So If you joint in December, your contribution only counts towards the 31st of August, not until December again. So everyone needs to pay contribution again in September. If you decide to join in period 4, 5 or 6 you only need to pay half the contribution (10 euros).

Dance Classes

You can always join a beginners course.
Intermediate is for people with at least 1 year of dancing experience.
Advanced is for people with more than 2 years of dancing experience.
For more information take a look at the levels page.
For period 5  (starting the 15th of  March) we have different time and locations for our classes, take a look at the schedule on the Course page.
Normally our classes are organized at these locations and times: Beginners: De Vlinder Hall 2, Tuesday 20:30-21:30
Intermediate: De Bongerd Hall 3, Wednesday 20:30-21:30
Advanced: De Bongerd Hall 3, Wednesday 21:30-22:30
There is also a Free Dance training hour. For more information on that take a look at the Free Dance FAQ.
Each course we teach 1 Ballroom and 1 Latin dance. The different levels are taught the same dances, but of course at a higher level your taught more advanced figures and technique.
Period 1: Cha cha cha and Quick step (academic period 1)
Period 2: Jive and Tango (academic period 2)
Period 3: Samba and Slow Waltz (academic period 3&4)
Period 4: Rumba and Vienna Waltz (academic period 5)
Period 5: the beginners repeat what they learned in the previous periods. Intermediate and advance learn: Paso dobble and Slow foxtrot. (academic period 6)
We have a Free dance hour on Tuesday evening 21:30-22:30, on every even week of the regular calendar. Take a look at the Free Dancing FAQ.
We currently organize NO free dance hours due to corona.

Free Dancing

Classes (of a course): A teacher is present and teaches you how to dance. Free dancing: dance music is playing, but no teacher is actively teaching (but they will probably help you if their present).
We currently have 1 free dance hour every 2 weeks. When: 19.15 -20.15 on Wednesday evening, on every even week on the regular calendar. So, it's right before the beginner's class. Where: parking lot 3 (P3) at the Bongerd (Maps link)
No, you can only join free dancing if you joined a course in that period.   But there is no exclusion based on level. Beginners, intermediate and advanced dancers are all welcome to join (if they joined a course)
Yes, you can, we would love to see integration between the levels. Just ask for someone in our WhatsApp group. Dancing with different people can break habits and they can point you on mistakes you normally would mis.
No, if you are taking a course you are welcome without paying anything.
Yes, sometimes we organize workshops during this hour. Take a look at the event page to see if we have planned any workshops.

Relevant for Members

After you subscribe as a member and pay the membership fee, you get added in the WuBDA members WhatsApp. There, you can find the password to access the hidden content; this is only accessible for members and benefactors.
The NTDS and ETDS have a beginners category. You can only join this category if you dance for less than 1 year. So beginners can join as well. So everyone can join.  
First of all, you get a ''members mail'' regularly with all the important updates from the last few weeks. If you are a member and haven't received the members mail you should first check your spam box. If you can't find the mail their either you should contact the board. The website has a blog in which you can read smaller updates like a new mascot or information on a committee.
yes of course you can! For more information on certain committees, you should go to the committee page. Here you can find what a committee does, who is in it and the contact information of each committee. either contact the committee or the board to see if they have space for a new committee member. You are welcome to mail/WhatsApp them, but you can also ask them about the committee during classes.
Yes, we have a Facebook page and an Instagram profile. We post content like pictures taken during classes and events, videos of shows, event dates and more.  


Our classes are 50% on-location, 50% online. This is for all our classes (beginnerintermediate and advanced). You are welcome to try our trials, but keep in mind they could differ from regular classes due to the Corona measures.
If we organize on-location classes: If any of the following situations apply to you:
Yes, for both the on-location classes and online classes you can dance with one dance partner. But there are no switching partners during classes. So you dance with on person during the entire class.
You dance with one person that entire lesson You can decide if you want to dance with someone else at the next class, but no switching during classes. The same counts for Free Dancing. You are also required to fill in a survey after each class/free dance hour so we can track with who you danced. This way we can notify if someone you danced with had corona or if someone in the class had corona.
yes, you should keep 1.5-meter distance from other dance pairs at all time. This could be difficult and some time unavoidable. You should try your best and if you break the rules on purpose you will be asked to leave the class.
Yes, you keep the 1.5-meter distance before and after classes from everyone including your dance partner. This includes waiting before the lesson, entering the building, putting on your shoes and leaving you the lesson. If we see you breaking this rule we will warn you with a penalty. If you continue breaking the rules you will be asked to leave.    
The dressing rooms are out-of-use right now. So come to the classes in the clothing you want to dance in. You can change your shoes in the dance hall but Keep your distance. Please walk far into the room, you can't maintain distance if everyone changes their shoes on the benches at the same time. So please pick a spot next to the sides of the dancing hall.
No, you don't have to wear a mask while dancing. Of course, you are free to wear one if you want to. But you do need to wear one inside de Vlinder and de bongerd (the locations of our classes). So wear a mask when entering, leaving, waiting, changing your shoes etc. you are basically only taking you mask of during dancing itself, but at any other time you wear a mask inside.


The Committee Page gives extensive information on each committee and features a video in which a committee member presents their committee. But in short:
Activity Committee: organize a drink, dinner and a small activity each period.
Event Committee: organize a few (bigger) events each year.
Gala Committee: organize the annual WuBDA gala.
Showcie: organize workshops, dance projects and shows.
xTDS: ensures WuBDA is represented well at the NTDS and ETDS.
Some events are completely free, like online events. Each event states how much you should pay. most events cost less than 5 euros.
Yes, of course, we love it when people are actively involved in WuBDA. You can either approach the committee members in person during activities or during classes. But you can also send an email. Go to the Committee Page to find who is in which committee and their email address.
As of 19 Oktober 2020, the committees seeking members are: - The Showcie -The lustrumcie -The xTDS always seeks a member who wants to take over next.