WuBDA’s 5th Birthday Party (Lustrum)

7:30 pm - 11:00 pm

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WuBDA is almost 5 years old! Our first lustrum! and that needs to be celebrated with our Lord of the Rings themed birthday party.

So, Grab your travellers cape and get yourself into an unexpected journey to the Shire. Celebrate with us the 5th Birthday of Beetbo Baggins and enjoy one of the greatest parties middle earth has ever seen. Enjoy the food from middle earth as well as a lot of middle earth themed games. Learn to dance like a hobbit and just enjoy yourself while celebrating with Beetbo and all his friends.

We hope you join the Fellowship of the Swing on this special day.

Members, Benefactors, externals, everyone is welcome!

Practical information: The activity starts at 19:30 and ends at 23:00 on the 8th of November. We booked the XL room in Thuis (Click here for directions).

Price: € 5,00 (Take a Package to get discounts on activities).

You can transfer the money to:

Wageningen Ballroom Dance

NL16INGB 0007 357 279
Mention ”your name + birthday” in the comment section.

The activity is Lord of the Rings themed, but you don’t have to come to dress up. We only encourage you to try to look as fantasy/medieval as possible. The Lustrum committee will come dressed up for sure! We arranged theme-related drinks and snacks including pie for everyone!

Sponsor: Patisserie Limburgia sponsors us with food & pies for this activity. Their shops sell pies, pastries, cakes, chocolate and traditional scoop ice cream. After more than twenty years, there are over fifty shops in the Netherlands. With passion and dedication, their bakers make delicious pastry products following centuries-old family recipes. You can see that, but above all, you taste it!

Click Here to find the Limburgia closest to you or order their products online.

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