WuBDA Showcase


1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Event Type

What is a Dance Showcase?

A showcase dance event (afdansen in Dutch) is an event in which you, the students, show off what you learned in the past year and get an appraisal from outside judges. It’s a great event to invite family or friends to show them what you learned, or to watch the other dancers perform.

This event is just for fun. Although there are judges, your performance has no consequences whatsoever (e.g. it has nothing to do with continuing to the next level of classes). However, if you don’t feel like being judged but you do want to show your hobby to your friends, there is also the option to participate without the appraisal part.

The event is meant for members of WuBDA who follow classes to showcase their dancing to friends and family, so you are invited to bring people along as an audience.

Beneath you find the sign-up for this event. Both you and your partner (if you have one) have to sign up separately. You dont have to indicate at the signup if and how many visitors you bring. Bringing visitors is free. If you want to bring more then three visitors, please et us know.

During this event you can be assigned some volunteer shifts, for example to help set up the hall or hand out snacks. We will let you know about any shifts beforehand.

The sign-up deadline for the showcase is the 1st of June!

Practical info

Date: 15th of June

Time: 13:00-17:00

Location: Hall 4C

Costs: 6 euros


NOTE: Write down you full name as we will put them on the certificates