WuBDA Holiday Trip


29/07/2024 - 02/08/2024    
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For the third time already, WuBDA will brave the big wide world on the WuBDA holiday trip. This time, we’ll visit the exotic Voeren in Belgium!






Located between Luik, Aken and Maastricht, Voeren is an area with beautiful nature and scenic views, making it an ideal place for a stroll.          The place we’ll be staying at is an old farmhouse, next to the actual farm. We can lounge outside on a terrace in the garden, or play games inside in the sitting room. With a modern kitchen, we’ll have all we need for a nice homecooked meal, but cooking can also be done at the outdoor barbeque.

Next to that, we can distribute ourselves over 9 bedrooms containing 6 double beds and 6 bunkbeds,
and we have 3 bathrooms to share.

The last two editions of the WuBDA holiday were a great success. Game nights, hikes, swimming and
more, there was plenty to do. This year we have some classics in store for you (swimming, games, a
nice walk through nature), but we’re also visiting Maastricht for some extra culture. Don’t miss out
on this awesome trip together with your dancing friends!

Want to know how much fun a holiday with WuBDA is? Watch the video from the first edition for an
impression of what to expect.

Same as last year, the costs will be 180 euros. For this you get a five nights holiday, food,
entertainment and of course lovely company. Can’t come after all or want in-depth knowledge on
what we spend the money on? Check out the cancellation policy.

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