Watergun shoot out

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Hi members,

On the 17th of May, beginning of week 2 period 6, the next activity will take place, outside in real life! This time the activity takes place over several days or perhaps over a week! You will compete against other WuBDA members in a Watergun shoot out. Each member will receive two names of participating WuBDA members who they need to “shoot”. Once someone is “shot”, that person is out of the game. The person that is out of the game will give his/her name to the shooter, so the game will continue. The shoot out will take place over more days. This means you need to have your gun at the ready at all times! The game is over when 1 member is left in the game.

The AC will buy the guns and deliver them to the members living in Wageningen. For members outside of Wageningen, we can arrange something. We will soon decide which guns we will buy and we will communicate this with you.

The deadline for subscription is set to the 10th of May. We will hand out the waterguns during class on either 11th of May or 12th of May!

There are some rules to the game:

  • No shoot out within the area where dance classes take place, but outside that area…
  • You use only the watergun the AC delivers to you or of similar type, so no big fat guns with large range and watertanks (for members living outside of Wageningen this means you may only use the watergun of the same type the AC will buy).

We hope to “shoot” you there 😉

Activity Committee



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