Tampon Hockey (knotshockey)


12:15 pm - 1:45 pm

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Dear Dancers,

After the fancy dinner, it is time to get in shape again in order to perform the best dance moves again. Therefore the AC steps up to organise a sporty activity. Get ready to be active, because we are planning a great game of tampon hockey, or in dutch known as Knotshockey. This game will bring back the best the best memories of your middle school gym classes, but with WuBDA People! And it is healthy as well. It is a fun game, where you will play a game of hockey with a knots (mace/ tampon shape stick). It is even during the lunch break, so you can take a good break in between courses or thesis life with your fellow wubda mates.

It will take place the 8th of december 12.15 in the bongerd. For a change we are not in the dancing room, but in sport hall 4B! Make sure to be there, because rumours say it will be epic and ‘knotsgek’!

We hope to see you there,

The AC!

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