SSA dating!

Hele dag

Dear members of WuBDA!

Are you lacking attention, social contact or love in these hard times? In need of some physical or romantic contact, or just looking for someone to talk to? Well, look no further because WaHo’s cupidocie will fix everything for you! The Cupidocie works together with one member of each of the following SSAs to find the perfect match for you: WuBDA (of course), WaHo, S.Z.V. Aquifer, Ballistic, W.H.V. Centauri, Hipac, Lobbers, WAC, WAF, Weerwolfs & WSAC Ibex.

The cupidocie will be utterly discreet with your information and help you to find the perfect match with one of our lovely WaHo members. All you need to do is fill in this form, honestly and openly, and the rest will be done for you and maybe you’ll finally find your perfect match.

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