Sew-your-own-beet day


1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Dear all,

The Hollidays are upon us, and while that is a time to celebrate our freedom, we’ll also have to miss a lot of WuBDA. However, fear not! You can come and sew your own beet and get the WuBDA spirit into your home! Join us on the 25th to make yourself a little friend.

There are multiple options, ranging in sewing skill level required (there is also some assistence available). Please indicate which one you think you’ll be making. We have a sleeping mask, a 3D or a pin version (see the picture below for examples). The pin is more difficult for example, but great to have when dancing.

Please take a pair of scissors with you if you have one.


Date: 25-06-2022

Location: Forum room B0103

Time: 13:00-17:00



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