Secret christmas card ‘activity’

12:00 am - 11:59 pm

Secret Christmas card sending

The board thought it would be fun to send each other Christmas cards. Let me explain how it works.

Everyone who signs up gets, at least, one name and address of the other participating WuBDA members. The deadline for signing up is the 6th of December. On Monday the 7th of December you receive the names and addresses of the participants to which you should send cards. You receive this information by Email.

So, on 7th of December, you know to who you should send the Christmas cards, but you do not know who is going to send you Christmas cards. You will find out when you get them 😉.

Costs: the ‘activity is completely free’, but you need cards, envelops and stamps to send the cards. You need to buy those yourself and the costs are yours.

We need a few things from you to make this work:

Name: We send your name participants, so they know who they write a card for.

Address: This includes street, street number, zip code and city. We need to inform other participants where to send their cards to.

Email: To inform you to who you should send a card to (we give you the names and addresses).

The number of cards you want to send: How many cards you want to send is up to you. You can keep it at 1, but if you want to you can send a whole pack of cards. You will also receive the same number of cards as you are going to send!

We hope you like this idea, and we are eager to see your cards.

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