Potluck Picknick


12:30 pm - 2:00 pm

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The weather has been improving so much in the last couple of weeks, so we decided to host an amazing Potluck Picnic on June 16th, starting from 12.30 until whenever ;). It will be held at the Belmonte Arboretum on top of the Wageningse Berg.

We will get the drinks and the table cloths to sit on, and maybe an amazing activty to do after we are done ;), And you will need to bring some delicious food or snacks. Don’t forget to write down what you are bringing with you with this google form. so that the people who have allergies won’t die! (This doesnt need to happen right when you sign up, just make sure to do it in time)

Sign up here so we know how many of you will be joining