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Hello Members,

The ShowCie is hosting workshop changes again! On Friday the 2nd of December at 21:00 it’s our turn for pole dancing! There are limited places available, so sign up fast.

During our beginner workshops, we show a variety of easy moves, spins, and combinations. We can teach you how to climb and sit on the pole, do a “baby-Human flag” or the “Martini”. Pole dance combines a little bit of everything: balance, strength, static as well as flowing movements & beautifully pointed toes. We usually try to show a mix of everything. However, we like to adapt it to the group that we are working with: if you are very strong, we have some heavy moves for you – if you are a very acrobatic group, we could teach you how to do a handstand while holding on to the pole etc.

The workshops will be given by 2 experienced members of Allegra and are generally composed of around 10-15 min warm-up, 40 min teaching a variety of moves and a short cool-down.

Workshop preparation:  

Our poledance workshop is just around the corner, to make the best out of it we have some small notes for you to consider:

In poledance many moves are dependent on having enough grip on the pole on various parts of your body, which means: the more skin the better!

We usually train in a sports-bra or shirtless combined with very short, tight shorts. We however understand that not everyone feels comfortable like that – so dress however you feel good and we will make sure you can do some moves. Ideally your arms are completely free (tank top rather than a T-shirt) and at least your “knee-pits” are free as well.

For the warmup we like to wear long sweatpants or leggings and a Shirt or Sweater on top and undress later if needed depending on the moves.

It’s always very recommended to bring a small towel to dry your hands (and the pole). Also, if possible try to cut back on the bodylotion before training, cause that will make you slide down the pole extra fast. If anyone has some magnesia lying around you bring that as well for some extra grip ;D


Before we have the workshop at 21:00, we would like to have dinner together. We booked De Kater in the centre of Wageningen. If you still want to join please send a message to Shows@wubda.nl

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