Party Dance Workshop


9:30 pm - 10:30 pm

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Hey everyone!

Some of you have been dancing ballroom for a long time, and for some, this is their first half year. But all of you are ready to dance the ballroom dances with each other and members of our Sister associations!

There are many occasions to dance with other dancers all over the Netherlands like social dances, galas, and the upcoming NTDS. On these events we dance the dances you all know and love. But there are some party dances some of you don’t know yet. These are group dance choreographies you dance with the whole party. The once we would want you to learn are:

-The party Cha Cha, a Cha Cha where everyone dances in a big circle and passes their follower from right to left to the next lead. We dance this on the song: Sexbomb.

-Timber, A bit of a solo Cha Cha group dance. We dance this on the song: Timber

-Wellerman Dance, a Balfolk Dance you dance in a big circle. We dance this on the song: the wellerman song.

The Workshop takes place on Tuesday the 12th of December from 21:30 to 22:30 in Hall 2 of the Vlinder. So, right after the beginners class.

No sign-up required, just show up. This activity is free for all Members and Benefactors.