Lazer gaming in Nijmegen


7:30 pm - 11:30 pm

Hallo members of WuBDA and DanceFever!

On friday the 31th of March we combine the forces of both associations and go lasergaming together.

We will play 2 games with the whole group at LaserQuest in Nijmegen.

1 round of laser gaming & 1 round of laser squash.

In between the games you will get a drink from the venue.

The exact time is TBD, but expect the games to take place between 19:30 and 21:00

For the members in Wageningen: The VakanCie committee will plan a route to Nijmegen with public transport. The costs for transport are not covered by this events entrance fee. You can decide to travel by other means as well.

The costs for this event is 12 Euros (covering lasergaming, laserSquash and a drink)

After the games are over you are free to leave at any time, but we will either join a free dance evening from Nijmegen, or go for a few drinks.

We hope to see you all there!