Just dance

8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Hey everyone,

On monday 23th of November we organize a just dance evening! The dances can be followed via Twitch on this website and search for the term acwubda. If you then follow the channel you can watch the live stream. Because there is a delay on twitch, it does not work to use the “just dance now” app on your phone. Usually you can earn points when you make some movements at the moment these show up in the app. But therefor the dances should run at the same time as the app and not without a delay. So there is no need to download the app. Just dancing for fun :). For communication we are going to switch from skype to MS Teams as we think MS Teams has better sound and video.

If you want your favorite song to be presented in Twitch, you can add suggestions in the subscription form preferably before November 20. It needs to be a youtube just dance video. But there is no garantee if it will be chosen if we get too many suggestions.



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