General members meeting

11:45 pm

On the 12th of April is the General members meeting planned. Save the Date! The exact time we start is still unknown, but it will take place that evening.

Stef de Warle (chair) & Mark de Haas (Public Relations) are going to leave the board and a new chair and PR will join the new board. They will present their board goals during that meeting

We will discuss many important matters during the GMM. You will receive a mail with the agenda and the changes in the HR at least 2 weeks before the GMM takes place. You can also find the files in our blog around that time if you can’t find that mail. You can ask questions or give your feedback on the HR and agenda. We will discuss any points you send in if you send them before Monday the 5th of April. If you send it any later your feedback will be taken into account but not fully discussed during the GMM.

The board members will present what they individually did in the past half-year. Stef and Mark should have finished their board goals by then. Read these blog posts on their board goals if you have forgotten where they are working on.

Board goals Mark

Board goals Stef

The chairs of all Committees will present in 1 slide what they did in the last half-year and plan on doing in the upcoming half-year.

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