ETDS Delft 2020 – Festival of the Future

8:00 pm

Sign-up here: sign-up link

Hey, the next ETDS(European Tournament for Dancing Students) is in Delft with the theme: Festival of the Future!

Our xTDS organizes the WuBDA team.

If you want to join the WuBDA team for the ETDS  you need to sign-up.

You can sign-up right now until 18th June 2020.

The ETDS is an awesome weekend full of friendly competition between dancers from all over Europe!

It is for everyone, there are Multiple levels for every dancer. Are you dancing in our beginners class? then there is a spot for you as well.

you don’t need any dance competition experience to join. The ETDS can be your first competition. The xTDS captains will help you with finding your back-number, you schedule and all the rest. So, you just need to dance and have fun.

What are the costs? 

69,- EUR for students

94,- EUR for non-students.

free for super-volunteers (Your stay will be for free, you can still social dance, but you have to do some volunteering duties) you still need to sign-up through the same  sign-up link

We hope to see you there!

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