Escape room

7:00 pm - 12:30 am

The Activity Committee is organizing an escape room in period 4!

The entire evening you are welcome to join your fellow WuBDA member from 19:00 till late at night at number 3 in the Bornsesteeg. But this is not where the Escape Room will take place!

The Escape Room is at Nude 18, Wageningen, approximately 15 minutes of cycling from the Bornsesteeg.

So, at some point you need to the nude 18.

When you are within the 20 first to subscribe you are placed in 1 of 4 groups, each gets an hour to finish the puzzle. It is best to be at the escape room 10 minutes before your group has to start.

You are very welcome to join us for drinks at Bornsesteeg number 3 after or before you do the escape room.

The themes will dance and science(very very basic science).

If you are not within the first 20 subscriber you can always join the rest of the WuBDA members at the Bornsesteeg for drinks and fun.

around 23:30, after everyone finished the escape room, the winner is getting revealed at the Bornsesteeg.

price will be between 2-3 euros depending on how many people subscribe.

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