Committee competition


8:00 pm - 11:45 pm

Event Type

Event only for committee members


Dear committee members,

You work hard for our association, to make it one of the best organizations of Wageningen. You have spent much time with your committee members. That has never been more important than now.


On a date yet to be determined, there will be the Committee competition, where you do assignments in order to collect the letters of the special code word. The first committee to collect all the letters is the superior committee and will receive praise from President Snow and Effie Trinket.

Remember, this is about life or death. There are no rules. Do everything it takes to win.

There will be a special video message in a few weeks. This is necessary to watch beforehand.

If you are not familiar with the Hunger Games movies, check out this website for information. It contains important information about your assigned district, too (which will be announced later):


Practical details:

Location: Forum grass field

Time: 20.00

We first come together on Forum, you will receive instructions on the assignments there. Then, with your committee members you spend the evening performing the most important task in your life: winning the Committee Competition.

The last activity is near the campus, after that the winners will be announced and we enjoy the rest of the evening by the fire with some marshmallows.

Because we have several members who are in multiple committees, we ask you to indicate your preference, in which team you would like to be the most. If there are not sufficient people for each committee, not every committee will enter the competition.


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