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Hello Members,

On Friday the 4th of November is the Committee competition. The Committee Competition is an activity in which the participants are split into teams and are tasked to solve assignments within the permitted time. This is a nice activity to get to know your committee members or to get to know a committee in case you want to join one. Below you can fill in your committee(s) if you did any, or in which committee you are interested (no strings attached). The activity organizers will divide you into teams based on your committee preferences and group sizes.

Want to know what every committee does? Go to the committee page by Clicking Here.

This activity is a leftover from last year’s lustrum activities, in which we, unfortunately, had to cancel the Committee Competition. The Lustrum theme was Movies¬†(watch the reveal video by Clicking Here), and every activity was in the theme of a movie. The theme for the Committee Competition is Hunger Games.

Practical information:

You have to sign up before 3 November 23:59.

Wear warm clothing.

Your team gets a goodie bag with snacks, drinks and items for the assignments.


before 19:30: in the days before the activity the teams will start to form. We recommend you to eat dinner with your team before 19:30.

19:30-21:00: at 19:30 you will get your first assignment. you continue to complete these assignments until you reach the end. This will take a little over 1 hour.

after 21:00: everyone gets together at a secret location with drinks and snacks. Here we will announce the winner of the competition. You are free to leave right after or stay and get to know the committees.

The sign up has been closed, if you still want to join please send a message to Mark, the one promoting everything on this activity in this group chat.

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