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Starting Oktober 2023 WuBDA offers Argentine Tango classes every 2 weeks on Tuesday at 19:00-20:30.
These are beginner class Argentine Tango, so no pre-required dance skills necessary.

What is Argentine Tango?

The Argentine Tango is a dance that, as the name says, originates from Argentina. It is a passionate dance that is all about leading and following, the connection between dance partners and with the music, improvisation and -most of all- about having fun together! It is a more intimate dance than most ballroom dances, giving it its own distinctive character. As the basic of the dance is walking, everybody can do it, so don’t hesitate to join if you’ve never danced before.
Watch this video for a small demonstration of what Argentine Tango can look like!

WuBDAs’ Argentine Tango class is open to students and non-students. On the 3rd of Oktober there is a trial (sign-up here: Argentine Tango Trial – WuBDA). If you want to continue dancing the Argentine Tango after the trial you need to sign up for the Course (at the bottom of the page). Of course, you also need to be Member (for students) or Benefactorship (for non-students).

If you have any questions about this please talk to a Board Member after class or send an email to

Argentine Tango Schedule
Class Date Academic period – Week
1 3-okt P1-W5 – Trial class
2 17-okt P1-W7
3 31-okt P2-W1
4 14-nov P2-W3
5 28-nov P2-W5
6 12-dec P2-W7
7 9-jan P3-W1
8 23-jan P3-W3
9 6-feb Resit A

The classes take place from 19:00 to 20:30 (1,5 hours) in The JazzDance Hall in sportcomplex The Vlinder.

For google maps directions to sportcomplex The Vlinder click here: Sporthal de Vlinder – Google Maps


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