Murder mystery evening

8:00 pm - 11:00 pm

A murder has been committed! And the killer is here tonight…
You and your friends are both suspects and detectives. You each play a role and have to find clues, to expose each other’s secrets, and to find out the killer!

The Don of a maffia clan has been whacked – in his own penthouse, no less. The mobsters at the table have to figure out who ended the Don’s reign. Suspects include the cold and calculating Business Man, the honorable Consigliere with his short fuse, and a small-time huckster such as the Dealer. Be sure to find the killer.

Otherwise, mi amici… there will be consequences!

  • Location: Campus plaza, common room
  • Price: 5 euros (including snacks!)
  • Put on some maffia clothes to make sure you are inconspicuous

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