Confidential Contact Person

The Board of WuBDA wants you to know that we want to be a safe and happy association for everyone. Therefore, we are doing our best to create a safe space where everyone feels they can be themselves, dance, and have fun together! Since we are an association with many different people, a variety of dance classes, parties, and other people, a lot can happen. Thus, we have decided that having a confidential contact person (CCP) is a valuable addition to the association. Currently, we have three confidential contact persons within WuBDA, and Thymos also has their own confidential contact persons. If you decide to talk to either a WuBDA CCP or a Thymos CCP, you have our full support. It is also possible to report incidents to the board. We are very willing to help you. However, board members are obligated to report certain incidents, which means we cannot guarantee confidentiality in all cases, in contrast to the confidential contact persons.

What is a confidential contact person?
‘‘A Confidential Contact Person (CCP) is someone who you can talk to when you, or someone you know, is experiencing or has experienced unwanted or unacceptable behaviour. Unwanted or unacceptable behaviour can take many forms, like discrimination, bullying, (sexual) harassment, threats, stalking or gossiping, both online and offline. Even if it is very subtle, unwanted or unacceptable behaviour can still have a great impact on your feeling of safety and your pleasure in exercising.”
Confidential contact persons will treat any discussion with the utmost discretion and confidentiality.

When should I contact a confidential contact person?
In principle, confidential contact persons are here to talk to about unwanted or unacceptable behaviour you have experienced or witnessed. However, you can talk to them about anything that bothers you related to social safety at WuBDA. They are here to listen to you, and guide you in the options you have for handling situations or incidents. If you are doubting whether your case is ‘serious’ enough to talk to the CCP, please do contact the CCP! Any situation you are worrying about is reason enough. Even if you are not sure if you want to do anything about the situation, you can still contact the CCP.

Who can contact a confidential contact person?
Anyone who has any relationship with WuBDA and wants to talk about anything regarding social safety at WuBDA can contact the CCP. This includes, but is not limited to, WuBDA members, WuBDA benefactors, members of sister associations, and visitors to our events.

How can I contact the confidential contact person?
If you experience any problems or unwanted behaviour you can contact the CCP of WuBDA (see information below) or of Thymos (CLICK HERE).

These are our CCPers:

Helena Donner:

She will gladly invite you for a talk over coffee or tea. If you feel more comfortable to share your thoughts during a walk around campus or the city center, that is also an option. You can approach her after the beginners lessons, at most free dancing and other dance events, send her a WhatsApp message (you can find her phone number in the description of the WuBDA members WhatsApp group) or contact her through the form below.

Indy van Grinsven:

Meet Indy van Grinsven. If you feel the need, or just want someone to talk to don’t hesitate to approach him, shoot him a WhatsApp message (his number is in the WuBDA members WhatsApp group description), or contact him through the form below. You can often find him at beginners’ lessons, free dancing events, and other Wubda gatherings. You can share your thoughts during a walk around Wageningen. Or, if you prefer, he’d be happy to have a chat with you somewhere on campus, or anywhere else you feel more comfortable.

Andrea van der Eerden:

Hi, nice to meet you! My name is Andrea, I am 26 years old, and I am one of the CCPs you can contact at WuBDA. I have been a member of WuBDA for quite some years and have worked in different committees and association bodies. To me, it is very important that WuBDA has an open, inclusive, and safe atmosphere to practice our amazing sport and hobby. When you want to talk about something that is bothering you (related to WuBDA), please contact me or the other CCPs and we will gladly make time to listen and support you. You can normally find me at expert class, free or social dancing, or other activities.