Within our association, we have several committees. Without the committee members we would never have come so far!


The Showcie is a committee which will organise the performances of WuBDA. When we are asked to perform somewhere, we will create a nice show, which will differ per location and target group. The composition of the committee members can vary per show. Everyone is free to bring up their ideas to make a great performance!

Event Committee

We are the Event committee. We are one of the newest committees this year. While the Activity committee organizes drinks, member dinners and some great activities, we organize a smaller number of bigger events. These events include the cocktail party, which is a fancy night out, and the family day, where you can show your new dance moves to the whole family. We work hard to make this committee a great success and contribute to your exciting student life!

See you soon at our events!

If you have any questions about the committee or our events, don’t hesitate to ask by approaching any of our committee members after dance class, or by mailing to: You can find and subscribe to our event in the WuBDA event tab:

Activity Committee

We are the Activity Committee. We meet each week to organize fun activities for all WuBDA members. You likely know a few of us since the committee consists of beginner, intermediate and advanced dancers. We like this division because we try to encourage integration between dancers of all levels. Each period we organize a drink, members dinner & fun activities. These fun activities include pub-quizzes, board game nights, karaoke and more.

We hope you enjoyed these activities and we would like to see you all at upcoming activities! Check here for what we have planned:

If you have any questions, come to see one of us after your dance class, we are happy to help.

Gala Committee

Ballroom dance galas are the best galas! A magical ambience, ballroom and latin music, and people dancing around the floor the whole night! Galas are the perfect opportunity to meet other dance-enthusiasts. Every year, WuBDA organizes a gala for dancers of all student dance associations in the Netherlands!