Within our association, we have several committees. On this page we introduce them to you! Would you like to join a committee? Mail to!

Activity Committee

We are the Activity Committee. We meet each week to organize fun activities for all WuBDA members. You likely know a few of us since the committee consists of beginner, intermediate and advanced dancers. We like this division because we try to encourage integration between dancers of all levels. Each period we organize 3 activities: a drink, members dinner and fun activities. These fun activities include pub-quizzes, board game nights, karaoke and more. We hope you enjoyed these activities and we would like to see you all at upcoming activities! Check here to see what we have planned next. The Activity committee consists of 3 members right now: Rutger de Graaf,  Larissa Markus  and Catarina Silva. If you have any questions, come to see one of us after your dance class or send a message through WhatsApp, we are happy to help. You can also e-mail us through

Event Committee

We are the Event Committee. While the Activity committee organizes drinks, member dinners and some great activities, we organize a smaller number of bigger events. These events include the cocktail party, which is a fancy night out, and the family day, where you can show your new dance moves to the whole family. We work hard to contribute to your exciting student life! See you soon at our events! The Event committee consists of 5 members right now: Jasmijn de Jong (chair), Mark de Haas (secretary), Bas Zonjee (treasurer), Polina Surovsteva (master of drinks) and Leonie Nijs (master of snacks). If you have any questions about the committee or our events, don’t hesitate to ask by approaching any of our committee members after dance class, or by mailing to:

Gala Committee

Ballroom dance galas are the best galas! A magical ambience, ballroom and Latin music, and people dancing around the floor the whole night! Galas are the perfect opportunity to meet other dance-enthusiasts. Every year, WuBDA organizes a gala for dancers of all student dance associations in the Netherlands! Do you want to know which gala is planned next? Go take a look at the Gala Page. The current Gala Committee has 5 members: Indy van Grinsven (chair), Vera van der Maas (Secretary), Johannes Heisterberg (Treasurer), Ilke van den Hoek, and Daan Engberts. They, together with some people who help on the gala evening itself, organize the coming WuBDA gala. Do you have any questions for the Committee or do you want help with organizing the Gala? Please approach a Gala Committee member or mail to


The ShowCie organizes a wide variety of activities like workshops, shows and dance-related activities. While it sounds like a task for advanced dancers, that’s not the case. The activities require more organizational skills. The ShowCie doesn’t need to do the workshops themselves, but they need to arrange that someone is giving a workshop and help out in any way possible. So, you don’t need any dance experience for these events. Normally they ask other (student) dance associations for a workshop. Examples of dance-related activities can be things like a lip dup, but you are free to come up with different ideas. Putting together a show is more complicated, But a high-level show is not necessary. You can also think of an end of the year show just for the members. The Showcie consists of 4 members. We have Mark de Haas (Chair), Daan Engberts (secretary), Luuk Rook and Marieke Versteegh. Do you have any questions for the ShowCie, or do you want to join the committee? Mail to


The xTDS is the committee that involves itself with the NTDS & ETDS. The committee keeps a close eye on everything related to the upcoming NTDS or ETDS. They pass on information regarding the event, approach members to sign-up for the competitions and they answer all questions members have. Thanks to the xTDS, WuBDA is able to form a team for the competitions, but they also make sure the team presentation is prepared and everyone gets a checklist for what they need to take with them. At the NTDS and ETDS themselves, they make sure everyone finds their place to sleep, gets their back number and knows when to dance where. Currently Lucas Hulsman, Jasmijn de Jong and Andrea van der Eerden are the Teamcaptains of the xTDS. Contact them if you have any questions. Hopefully you join them at the next NTDS or ETDS


We are the Vakancie! Together we organize amazing and memorable trips for members of WuBDA. Every year we will be working hard to organize something fun for all our members to enjoy. We hope to see you join us on one of our sunny trips this year! The VakanCie consists of 4 amazingly talented and passionate members: Mark de Haas (Chair), Polina Surovtseva (Secretary),  Bas Zonjee (Treasurer) and Floor Cromjongh. If you have any question with regard to our activities, please do not hesitate to contact us on Whatsapp! You can also send us an e-mail through:

Inactive Committees



In the year 2021-2022 the LustrumCie organised activities with the theme ‘Movies’ throughout the year for our first lustrum! For example the Lord of the Rings inspired birthday party, and the Sherlock Holmes pubquiz, where WuBDA members saved the Beet from kidnapping. The committee consisted of the following 10 creative members: Andrea van der Eerden (chair), Polina Surovtseva (secretary), Johanna Schönbuchner (secretary), Mark de Haas (treasurer), Els van de Zande, Stef de Warle, Lucas Hulsman, Femke Westerman, Ceres van Dongen and Leonie Nijs.

PS: If you haven’t yet, we highly recommend watching the lustrum theme reveal video.

Almanak Committee

The Almanak Committee make the almanak for our very first lustrum.  Would you like to have an almanak yourself? Check our merchandise page! The Almanak Committee consisted of the following members: Andrea van der Eerden (chair), Polina Surovtseva (secretary), Mark de Haas (treasurer) and Elke van Mechelen.