Thank you speeches

When we celebrated Christmas and new year in 2018, the board gave some funny speeches.
The leaders wrote a speech thanking themselves, which they gave to the followers to read out loud.
Vice versa, the followers wrote a thank-you-speech as well, poeticly presented by Daniel.

Here you can read the speeches, if you want to enjoy them (again).


Leaders to followers:

Dearest followers,


First of all, happy new year and may 2019 be a year full of joy and dance. Secondly, we would like to invite you to look back on 2018 and a marvelous occurance. Because it is a fact that, throughout the whole 3 years of WuBDA history, there has always been a scarcity amongst leaders. Last year however, we leaders collectively set aside our doubts on shaking those hips and conquered the dancefloor, resulting in several lessons with more of us than you.


Admittedly, it is a strange feeling to outnumber rather than to be outnumbered. An increase in leaders during class also considerably decreased the desirable looks of you followers, which is a shame. Now that you no longer have to fight for us every single class, we have to learn to fight for you. But my dear followers… are you worth fighting for!


You put up with us leaders, with our toe stepping and sweaty palms. Now and again we might lose our frame and accidentally pull you under a stinky armpit, but we don’t mean anything by it. And although we sometimes may focus too much on our own steps and forget to look were we’re going, we can count on your enternal patience and understanding when you end up in a dance couples sandwich deluxe.


You follow us everywhere we go, and for that we appriciate you. However weak or strong the lead, you followers can transform the most basic move into a showstopper with your dazzling smiles, beautiful turns and natural grace.  We are lucky to have you.

Dear followers, we need you like you need us. You are the apple to our eyes, the peanutbutter to our jelly, the cherry on top of the cake, the salsa to our nachos, the cha cha to my slide  and the quick quick in our step.


We will be there to lead you, as long as you will promise us you will be there to follow.


Lots of love,

Hugs and Kisses


Your leaders


Followers to leaders:

Dear leaders,


We wanted to take this moment during such a unique evening as tonight to deliver to you some long overdue praise. You probably expected a letter full of bad puns, sarcasm, mockery and a bit of inside humor that only WuBDA members could find even remotely funny. We, the followers, would like to let you, the leaders, know that you couldn’t be farther from the truth.

We want to express our honest and sincerest gratitude for all the hard work you do for us.


The sound of your voices counting your steps to match the rhythm of the music makes the velvet on our dresses stand upright. When we rest in your strong arms, our knees go weak and bounce like a Samba. Without you as our capable counterparts, our Jive would be a joke and our Waltz would be wack. The sheer amount of energy you put in each and every dance just wears us out so much, we need to take a quick nap from a Quickstep.

You are the ones that make us followers look as good as we do. Because of great leaders like you, Salomé can bounce like she does in her Jives, Ellen can properly extend and compress and swing away and Tim can find true happiness while being spun around in the Waltz; All to their heart’s content.


Of course we can have our occasional differences. Sure, sometimes we don’t follow what that half-assed hand gesture was meant to announce; Once in a while someone messes up and our rhythm goes bye-bye; And we can step on each other’s feet so much we might be getting blue toes. But we can always depend on you to be a shoulder to lean on and a guide to direct us.


WuBDA is growing ever bigger. Keep leading us to greatness.


Yours truly,

Your beloved #Followers