7th board “Till The Last Drop” of ssvw WuBDA

Chair: Daniel de Groot

Greetings! My name is Daniel, and I have been a member of the WuBDA since January 2018. When I was in high school, somewhere between the years of 2000-long-ago and 2000-less-long-ago, I used to attend dance lessons with my friends, but had to stop due to sheer lack of time with school and what not. Years later, in my second year of university, I found myself attending a dancing workshop in both the Quickstep and Cha-Cha-Cha, organised by members of the WuBDA. One thing led to another et voilà: I had found myself a new dance association! WuBDA rekindled a passion I had long since forgotten about. If there’s anything I hope to achieve during my time as a board member of the WuBDA, it’s to help the future members of the association find the feeling of getting lost in dancing. You can see it as your outlet for physical activity, use it as an opportunity for a date night with your loved significant other, learn to know your way around a wedding dance or be competitive about it and become the most elegant dancer in the world. Dancing has something for everyone, and the WuBDA is going to help you find that something for you!​


Secretary: Ellen van der Sanden

Hi everyone! My name is Ellen and I am the secretary of the WuBDA board. When I started  here in Wageningen, everyone told me to check out as many sports, activities and associations as possible; now was the time to try something new! So, in the first week of my student life I went to the beginners course of WuBDA and instantly fell in love with ballroom dancing. I stuck around eversince and now I have been dancing for over three years. What I love most about dancing is the ambience that is created every single time, without a fail. Bursts of energy in the jive, romantically floating across the floor during the waltz, puzzeling faces when a move does not work at first, but then a little celebration when you finally succeed! Besides that, the people at WuBDA are amazing: kind, friendly, trustful, and a lot of fun to be around! All they want to do is dance and have a good time, which sounds perfect to me! I have made some of my best friends here at WuBDA and hope to continue to do so in the next coming years.


Treasurer: Harro Jongen

Hello everyone! My name is Harro and I am the treasurer of WuBDA. When I was 15 years, I learnt my first ballroom moves during one year of lessons. Years went by in which I did not dance, but the urge was ever growing. After seven years without dancing, I decided it was time to dust off my moves and get dancing again. With a little help of Judith I found WuBDA and I have not regretted my decision for one moment. Ever since I the first time I joined WuBDA I felt welcome, which has already resulted in a lot of new friends and quite some involvement in the association. In the future I hope to meet even more amazing people at the dancefloor. As treasurer I will make sure that our wonderful association will live without sorrow concerning money and in that way enable us to organize inspiring lessons and tons of other fun activities for all our members and member-to-be.


Public Relations: Judith Boekee

Hi all! I’m Judith and as the new PR, I will be responsible for anything related to promotion and contact within and outside of the association. I’m one of the friends Daniel used to take dance lessons with during high school. I danced for 3 years, but had a short break from dancing when I came to Wageningen. I quickly noticed that I missed it and after a workshop from WuBDA I was hooked again. I joined the association, the activity committee and now: the board. I love how dancing is such an easy way to make new friends. In the beginning you shuffle around a bit awkward, standing away from each other as far as possible. But after a little while the ice is broken and you start working together as a pair. The coming year I’ll promote WuBDA as much as possible to get many new enthousiastic dancers!



When we celebrated Christmas and new year in 2018, the board gave some funny speeches.
The leaders wrote a speech thanking themselves, which they gave to the followers to read out loud.
Vice versa, the followers wrote a thank-you-speech as well, poeticly presented by Daniel.

Here you can read the speeches, if you want to enjoy them (again).


*DressMe stitches our board clothing