16th board of ssaw WuBDA

“Sweet Sixteen”

Chair: Mark de Haas

Hey hey Everyone! My name is Mark and I’m the Chair of WuBDA.
I graduated with my Master of Food Technology in September 2022, and I’m working at a plant-based food company. Even though I’m a working adult, I still feel like a student at WuBDA. I enjoy the dance classes and all the activities WuBDA organizes, and I try to contribute all I can in making them a success! So, for that reason, I decided to join the board… again hahaha. As I chair I try to represent our association in the best way possible and show how great we are. New people joining the association and seeing them improve and getting to know all the other members is what gives me energy. I’m always open to ideas on the classes, or activities, so please approach me during classes, send a message in our WhatsApp groups, or you can contact me through my email!
My goal is to improve the integration of the various members within WuBDA, but also to show how great we are to the other dancers in the Netherlands by inviting them over to our parties and activities!
I hope to see you in class!


Secretary: Lars Huijboom

Hello everybody! My name is Lars and I am the new secretary of the board.

I joined the beginners group at WuBDA at the end of last year when I finally gave in to the requests of a friend who said that I should come dance with her sometimes. She even helped me registering on the website because she was too excited. In the end I was really glad that I did because I met so many lovely people who are all open to help and very friendly and nice. Especially to beginners like myself 🙂

Some non-dance related stuff. I am a biology student here in Wageningen. I’ve been playing Basketball at the student Basketball team ‘Sphinx’ for almost 3 years now. And in my spare free-time I like to play games with friends, both online and boardgame related. Other than that I also have a D&D group I regularly play sessions with.
The secretary is responsible for communications between people and the board, so if you need any help you can ask me and we will try to help you as best as we can!
I hope to see you all at the lessons, free-dancing hours or any other activity organised by WuBDA.


Treasurer: Andrew Birdsell

Hey folks! My name is Andrew and I am a bachelors student in Geographic Analysis, and will be the new treasurer for WUBDA! I am relatively new to dancing so it is really fun to dive straight into it, and am really enjoying learning about it. It is fun meeting the lovely members of WUBDA, and quite interesting to learn about you guys. Outside of dancing, I also enjoy playing lacrosse, going to the sportspub, and going on hikes around the city.

I am a relatively new face to WUBDA, so if you see me around say hi! I don’t bite, and enjoy meeting new people. There is a very good chance that if there is an event, I will be at it, and will love to meet you there. 


Public relations: Floor Cromjongh

Hey there! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Floor. I started ballroom dancing when I was 16 in high school. After coming to Wageningen I immediately joined WuBDA, and I’ve been a member of WuBDA ever since. I love dancing with everyone here and just hanging out with people on our other events. I also love going to dance events organized by our sister associations!
Apart from dancing, I do the master Forest- and Nature Conservation. I really like singing, so don’t be surprised if I start singing while dancing with you :). Other than that I also enjoy baking, hiking, drawing, reading, and skating when the weather is good.
Feel free to talk to me when you have any questions, or just because you want to chat 🙂