8th board of ssvw WuBDA

Chair: Harro de Jong


Hello everyone! My name is Harro and I am the chairman of WuBDA. When I was 15 years, I learnt my first ballroom moves during one year of lessons. Years went by in which I did not dance, but the urge was ever growing. After seven years without dancing, I decided it was time to dust off my moves and get dancing again. With a little help of Judith (from the previous board) I found WuBDA and I have not regretted my decision for one moment. Ever since I the first time I joined WuBDA I felt welcome, which has already resulted in a lot of


new friends and quite some involvement in the association. In the future I hope to meet even more amazing people at the dance floor. The past half year I have done my best to make sure that our wonderful association will live without sorrow concerning money as a treasurer. As chairman I will continue to make WuBDA a place without sorrows for our current members and our members-to-be.


Secretary: Polina Surovtseva

Hey everyone! My name is Polina and I am WuBDA’s secretary, which means I am handling the emails and keeping the administration organized. My adventure at WuBDA started when I began studying in Wageningen and decided I wanted to try something new: ballroom dancing! I went to the AID workshop where I learned to cha cha and was quite enthusiastic about it! I joined the lessons, and quickly realized this would become something I am passionate about. WuBDA has since been a really fun part of my life and I always enjoy going to the lessons and activities. The welcoming atmosphere, cool teachers and amazing members are things that I totally adore about WuBDA. I have met some of the nicest people at our association and hope to continue doing so in the coming years.
Next to swinging ever so elegantly on the dance floor, I swinged to the different committees of the association and here I am now in the board. I am excited for this new challenge and everything that’s waiting to come for WuBDA!




Treasurer: Avelon Gerritsma

Hi everyone! My name is Avelon and I am the treasurer of the WuBDA board. I started dancing when I came to study here in Wageningen. I was completely sold, I fell in love with Ballroom dance and with the association. I always look forward to go Ballroom dancing on Wednesday, it is a lovely distraction in the middle of a week of studying! I really enjoy dancing, I find it hard to dance without a smile on my face (which is difficult if you want to dance Tango). The members of WuBDA are so kind and friendly, they made me feel welcome right from the start. I joined the activity committee quickly after I became a member and I was the chairwoman of the Gala committee last year. I really enjoyed organizing the activities and the gala and I had a lot of fun with my fellow committee members. Now it is time for a new challenge, the board! So next year I will make sure we have enough money for classes, workshops and not to forget the activities! I hope to see you all around sometime and I will make sure you will be infected with the dance-fever ;).



Public Relations: Femke Westerman


Hi everyone! My name is Femke and I am a new board member, responsible for public relations. In the past, my parents always told me and my brother about their wonderful dance experiences. They actually met each other at their dance association and fell in love. When I was sixteen, my brother was quite enthusiastic about dancing, and he brought me with him to our parents’ dance association. I loved it immediately. The feeling of being led through the dancefloor is amazing. I love to close my eyes during an English Waltz and to trust my partner completely of not bumping into another dancer. When your partner likes to speed up, it’s like you’re floating, especially for me with my tiny legs 😉. Every week I was looking forward to the next lesson and after the lessons I came home very enthusiastic. However, after one year I started to study in Wageningen. I really did not want to stop with dancing so I continued another year at my first dancing school, which meant I had to travel home every week. In March I was getting quite curious about WuBDA, so I joined a try-out, which was on my birthday by the way 😊. It was a warm welcome there, so my decision was made quite soon; the next season I would only dance at WuBDA. And so I did, and eventually I joined the board. As a PR I take responsibility for promotion, posters, flyers, clothes like the WuBDA sweaters, sponsors, updating the website, the Facebook page and several other things. If you have any nice creative ideas, please let me know!



When we celebrated Christmas and new year in 2018, the board gave some funny speeches.
The leaders wrote a speech thanking themselves, which they gave to the followers to read out loud.
Vice versa, the followers wrote a thank-you-speech as well, poeticly presented by Daniel.

Here you can read the speeches, if you want to enjoy them (again).


*DressMe stitches our board clothing