11th board of ssvw WuBDA

‘Build Back Better’

Chair: Jasmijn de Jong

Hi everyone! I am Jasmijn, the chair of WuBDA. I’m a bachelor student biology and I love dancing (you didn’t expect that, didn’t you ;)), cooking, playing the piano and gardening. The first time I met WuBDA members was during my AID, almost two years ago. The way they danced looked so elegant and fun, I wanted to learn that too. In my first lesson I fell in love and I’ve loved it ever since. It was not only the dancing I liked: the atmosphere, people and activities made me feel very welcome too. Within two months I was treasurer of the activity committee – which I’m currently still part of – and here I am now, as your chair! I’m really excited for the future and the possibilities that WuBDA has. With the help of the awesome other board members, I believe we can make it a memorable year. If you ever have questions for me, just text or email me and I would be happy to answer those.


Secretary: Lucas Hulsman

Hello there! I am Lucas, and I am the secretary of WuBDA! As a secretary, I make sure all processes regarding communication (like email) and administration (like member subscription) are handled in an orderly fashion! I had always liked the idea of dancing because it looked so elegant and smooth, but never really started doing it. About two years ago I decided to go ahead and start at WuBDA, and fell in love immediately! I loved the dances, the lessons and activities but I was taken aback by the amazing atmosphere that resulted from the entire community at WuBDA! That’s why I am honoured to be able to be such an intimate part of this association for a year!
Next to dancing and being a secretary, I am involved in all matters related to WuBDA’s involvement in the national and European dancing competitions that we partake in. It’s all just great fun!


Treasurer: Bas Zonjee

Hey everyone! My name is Bas Zonjee and I am the new treasurer of the WuBDA board. I have been dancing at WuBDA for over 2 years now. I started dancing when I was 13 as my parents thought it was a necessary part of my upbringing, and I have been dancing ever since. I started dancing at WuBDA right after the AID, after meeting one of the previous boards there at the sports market.

I was happily surprised by all the people I saw attending classes and felt welcome right away. WuBDA has become a big part of my life and in the past 2 years, even though I only joined the events committee last year, I have been a helping hand if there were people needed. With the position for treasurer open, I saw my chance to contribute more to WuBDA. With my experience in accounting, I will make sure that even during these corona times there will be enough money for classes, workshops and activities! I am excited for the challenge this year will bring and I will give my everything for WuBDA.


Public Relations: Daan Engberts

Hello everybody! My name is Daan Engberts and I am the PR of the board. I joined WuBDA about the same time when I started in Wageningen at the beginning of 2019-2020. I am a master student at Forest and Nature Conservation. I am 25 year old, and I was born in Delft. My other sport is swimming, which I also teach, and to relax I do abstract painting and woodcarving.
The first time I did ballroom was many years ago in elementary school, some of the girls had done an after-school workshop, and they convinced our gym teacher to let them give a lesson. So it was a bunch of little kids doing the slow waltz in the gym. It was a lot of fun, but it would be many years before I joined a WuBDA workshop during the AID. This just brought it home, and I was hooked. I had no intentions to be an active member, but after a few months I still joined the GalaCie. WuBDA had just so many fun members so I just got sucked in😉. And now with the delays from Covid-times, a board year became possible. And i must admit, i’m glad it worked out like this. I am looking forward to having a great year with you all.


*DressMe stitches our board clothing