14th board of ssaw WuBDA


Chair: Rutger de Graaf

Hi, I’m Rutger, the Chair of WuBDA. I study Landscape Architecture and Spatial Planning and have been dancing since the summer of 2021. I’ve always been interested in dancing, but when I was young there was a stigma attached to boys dancing, so I went rowing instead. After a while I didn’t find enough satisfaction in rowing and therefore thought to pick up this then distant dream of dancing. When I started, I was overwhelmed with the great people at WuBDA and immediately tried to join everything I could possibly join. This drew the attention of the activity commission, who invited me to become a member of the committee.

When I got a message about potentially joining the board, I saw an awesome opportunity to help the association stay this awesome place that I had experienced and to create even more opportunities for our members to enjoy dancing. With a lot of experience with committees at other associations (Franciscus, Argo and my study association Genius Loci) in my pocket and a great deal of enthusiasm, I went on to join this year’s board.

I hope to see you all at the lessons and during other activities!


Secretary: Marieke Versteegh

Hello all, im Marieke and will be your secretary for the coming year. I came to WuBDA because a friend dragged me to the trial lessons in 2021. She needed a leader and since I had mentioned once that I found ballroom dances pretty and had nothing planned that evening, I had to go, didn’t I? That same night I got sports rights and a package deal, subscribing for the whole year. I never regretted it once.

Outside of dancing, im a master student Biology and mother of a young cat called Belladonna. If there is still time left between these things and dancing, I fill it up with embroidery, puzzling, reading, playing DND, gaming, woodcarving, writing and stargazing. I also love baking complicated cakes, or Torten, as the people in my home country call them, and singing so if you hear someone vocalizing in the Vlinder, that is probably me.

As a secretary im responsible for the mail and communication, so if there is anything popping up, just ask me and I will help you along. I hope to see you all at the lessons and free dancing hours.


Treasurer: Suzanne Wessel

Hi everyone! I am Suzanne a master student in Animal Sciences and also the new treasurer of WuBDA. Besides WuBDA, I am also participating in kickboxing trainings and a hockey umpire for the KNHB. So to say I like sports is a bit of an understatement.

I started dancing at the age of 15 until I turned 19.   This year I was mentor of an AID group and we got a workshop from WuBDA. After that I realised that I missed dancing a lot, so I started again at the start of this year. I immediately felt very welcome at WuBDA, and right at the time I wanted to become and even more active member the position of treasure opened up. With my weird love for Excel, some finance skill and a great predecessor who I can bother with my questions I decided to take on this challenge! I am also very excited for my board year!