A benefactor of WuBDA is someone that donates to our association and gets a lot of benefits in return! Becoming a benefactor is perfect for everyone that is not allowed to become a regular member. This also means you are not required to buy sports rights!

Benefits of becoming a benefactor

As a benefactor, you have the following benefits:

1. You can join the Free Dance Hours and Technique Hours for Free. Click the buttons below to see more information, and when the upcoming free dance and technique hours are planned.

2. You can join all the WuBDA events. These are often more socially oriented. Think of things like a party, a trip, a dinner, and much more. You often need to sign up and pay an additional fee, but as a benefactor, you get the same price discount as our members if there is any. Click the button below to see all upcoming events.

3. You get access to the member’s content, including the Members page which contains our dance class Tutorials, Pictures from classes or activities, discounts on our Merchandise, and access to previous Newsletters. You will also receive the newsletters on the email you signed up with.

Benefactorship is almost the same as membership except you can’t take part of our Ballroom Classes. Our calendar gives an overview of all our activities. You can join everything, except the classes.


The costs of becoming a Benefactor

You become a benefactor by donating money to WuBDA. The costs of becoming a benefactor and receiving the benefits mentioned above are equal to our membership fee. You can donate using the form below. There are 3 donation options.

  1. Donate €25 after September 1st and become a benefactor (with the above-mentioned benefits) for that entire Academic Year (September to Augustus).
  2. Donate €12,50 After February 1st and become a benefactor (with the above-mentioned benefits) from February until August of that Academic Year
  3. Open Donation. Here you can fill in your own price. You can just donate to support WuBDA. If the amount you donate exceeds the quantity mentioned above you automatically apply for that Benefactorship and the attached benefits. E.g. if you donate 30 euros you also become a benefactor for that academic year.

If you have any questions, go to the FAQ or send an email to