4rd board of ssvw WuBDA

Chair: Marinka van Arendonk

Hi, my name is Marinka and I am the chair of WuBDA since November 2017. I am 21 years old and I am studying the master Plant Sciences. I started dancing with WuBDA at the start of the academic year in 2017. Prior to that I had already followed the beginners course once and looking back I don’t really know why I stopped at that time, because I like dancing a lot. Besides that dancing is really fun, it is also pretty cool to show the moves you have learned on the dance floor, especially at gala’s. At the student gala’s I’ve been so far there was not so much ballroom or Latin dancing. It would be great if this could be improved because I do see all the plants outside dancing elegantly in the wind. The same can’t be said about most students. So one of the reasons I joined the board of WuBDA is that I would like to help to get more students to dance. Besides that, I want to help develop WuBDA further as an association and I am excited to do so!

Secretary: Salomé Rinzema

Hi, my name is Salomé and I started ballroom dancing at the beginning of the academic year in 2016. When I moved to Wageningen for my biology bachelor, I was planning on joining a sports association, but had no idea what would be the best choice for me. During the AID, I participated in the workshop organized by WuBDA and instantly fell in love with dancing. I hope by joining the board I can help more students to find out how fun it can be to be able to dance.

Treasurer: Irene Lambregts

Hi, my name is Irene and I’m the treasurer for WuBDA. I am from Idaho, USA, and I am a masters student studying animal nutrition here at Wageningen University. I started ballroom dancing when I was 15 and took my first professional lessons at 17 while living here in the Netherlands in my last year of high school. Since then I’ve taught beginners workshops for two years before returning here to the Netherlands. Aside from ballroom dancing, I love to be outside doing just about anything or being inside reading, writing and playing video games. I am excited for the prospects to come with WuBDA and look forward to sharing them with all of you!

Public Relations: Tim Persoon


Hello I am Tim and I have been dancing with WuBDA since spring 2017. I used to only watch dancers on tv or Youtube and envy their capabilities. But that all changed when I participated in a little workshop during the Wageningen student gala. It had such a pleasant mood even though everybody was awkwardly stumbling over their own feet and trying to remember their steps. It made me see that dancing is just a whole lot of fun if you do it together. As I fell in love with the steps and the music I was looking for dancing associations via Thymos and that’s how I found WuBDA. I signed up and kept dancing. Now I like to stimulate myself and others to experience the dancing fever to its full potential.

*DressMe stitches our board clothing